Homer + Ovid = Paris

Ulysses + Julius Caesar = Nimrod

Guy de Montfort - Cleopatra = Medusa

Epicurus - Pluto = Dido

Hector + Tisiphone = ?

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My answer is



The main idea is to associate every name with its corresponding Circle number in Dante's Inferno (Divine Comedy).

For example,

Homer and Ovid both belong to the first Circle, while Paris belongs to the second: $1+1=2$.
Hector is in the first, Tisiphone between the fifth and sixth,

so the result must be

between the sixth and the seventh Circle.

The only creature that satisfies that condition is

the Minotaur, who's the guardian of the seventh Circle.


the title says "diabolical", which is a reference to Inferno.

Note: my previous answer was Pier della Vigna, which is wrong.


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