1. I am all in one,
  2. I am part of Mozilla,
  3. Part of the Olympic Games,
  4. Although I am unwilling to work and would like to eat a hotdog,
  5. Speed is the second part of all in one. (1)
  6. Color which is not same as color of part of Mozilla (2)

All the clue have one or two unique words which you have to find out from all points,

Combine and arrange those words and find out the thing which is "ALL in One."

(1) and (2) means it's related to that point.

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ADG has the right idea in his answer, but didn't fix all the words quite right.


1.I am all in one,

The full sentence contains all the letters in the English alphabet.

2.I am part of Mozilla,

FOX is part of "Firefox", owned by Mozilla.

3.Part of the Olympic Games,

Jumping over things is a sport in the Olympic Games, so this gives us JUMPS OVER.

4.Although I am unwilling to work and would like to eat a hotdog,

Unwilling to work means LAZY. Hotdog gives us DOG.

5.Speed is the second part of all in one. (1)

The second word of the sentence is QUICK.

6.Color which is not same as color of part of Mozilla (2)

BROWN is a colour, but not the colour of fire (as in Firefox - see 2).

Combining and arranging the words found (with a couple of extra "the"s), we get the sentence spoilered above.

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    $\begingroup$ @ADG I caught the "lazy" clue and wrote a fuller explanation; other than that, it's pretty similar to yours. If I were the OP, I'd give you the tick (although I did think you were a bit rude to him in comments). $\endgroup$ May 14, 2015 at 20:06


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


All alphabets: All in one.
Mozilla: Firefox: Fox.
Olympic: Jumping.
Hotdog: Dog.
Speed: Quick.
Color: Brown.

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