What are the two methods of finding an answer?

(CSV for the numbers) 1.01285590707,0.187144092933,1.16921005714,-0.159210057136,1.14616537324,0.0938346267569,1.22280897014,-0.132808970138

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1st method

calculate A + B, take the first 2 decimal digits (others are mostly 0), and convert it with A1Z26.

yielding the answer

TAXI, a reference to Taxicab geometry

2nd method

calculcate the length of the black line, i.e. √(A^2 + B^2), take the first 2 decimal digits and convert with A1Z26.


CROW, a reference to the idiom "as the crow flies", i.e. the most direct path between two points.

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