Recently I was doing something: At the start of it I was in Japan. Then, I decided to go to Uruguay. After leaving there, I found myself in Slovenia. Later, I went to Turkey and found some large space. The next day, I appeared in Wales. Before I knew it, I reappeared in Armenia. A while later, I found myself in Latvia. Afterwards, I was in Kazakhstan. Soon, I travelled to Indonesia before going to Niger. To end the activity, I finished in Georgia.

So, what was I doing?

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    $\begingroup$ Hello, and welcome to PSE! Thanks for your puzzle. I would suggest to not give hints too early, especially when the puzzle is fairly easy. ;) $\endgroup$
    – Jujustum
    Commented Jun 10 at 7:50
  • $\begingroup$ Nice puzzle! Welcome to PSE (Puzzling Stack Exchange)! $\endgroup$ Commented Jun 10 at 19:42

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You must be:



As hinted by the "acrostic" tag, we read the first letters of all the country names.


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