I've had this metallic puzzle for a very long time (actually it's a replica since the original was lost). It was bought in a shop were I was told long ago that it must have a solution. The question is, topologically speaking, does it have solution?

Just need to know whether it has a solution to avoid wasting more time!


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It is the Figure 8 Puzzle by Stewart Coffin.

This puzzle is

impossible to solve, assuming the eyelets at the ends of the wire are properly closed loops. See also this video, where a reasonable argument is given for its impossibility, based on an idea from a mathematical paper by Paul Melvin where the puzzle is proved impossible.

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    $\begingroup$ Finally!! I can leave it then to rest and stop wasting my time! Or perhaps I can lend it to my brother in law... :D Many thanks for your help! $\endgroup$ Apr 15 at 14:08

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