This puzzle is my attempt to make one in the style of PSE user Prim3numbah:

enter image description here

Find what is in the question mark!

1D3, 12, ED, ED, 5A, 244, 84, 1E2, 1E2, ?

Go back a step and swap the 3rd and 4th to find out what just happened to the puzzle (4).



The numbers point to a maybe not so familiar plotting system of a very familiar system. That familiar system is hinted at by the title. There is however a little twist - work out all the rebuses first to understand what I am talking about.

For the top right rebus you could use 🥩 as the bottom picture. The familiar system is especially familiar to a very specific minority group of people.

Bigger hint:

For the top right rebus YOU 🫵 could just be used instead, don’t overthink this one. For the string think DOTS!

Even bigger hint:

Top left is not ‘52’ think again. The top right rebus is a homophone. The bottom right has no wordplay it is what it is. Also the ordering of the puzzle is important: work on the rebuses first! Then you would know what you need to do to the string of letters and numbers.

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The left part of the rebuses spells:

Base-7 (A substance with a pH value higher than 7 is considered Base)

Thanks to the astute observation of M Oehm, the top right rebus can be read as:

ME + ROAR = MIRROR (phonetically). So we need to mirror something later on. The bottom right image shows a graph with the vertical axis highlighted in red, which indicates that we should mirror along the vertical axis.

Furthermore, based on the OP's hints and the title, it has become clear that

some form of Braille is used.

To decode the string:

We convert the numbers from base-16 to base-7.
This gives the numbers:

1235, 24, 456, 456, 156, 1456, 246, 1256, 1256, ?.

This looks promising, because we don't see any duplicate digits within the numbers. Also, there are no 0's present and all numbers are ascending. Using Braille pattern dots notation, we get:


In itself, this string does not make a whole lot of sense.


If we mirror all individual Braille characters along the vertical axis, we get:


To complete the sentence, we should add ED. It took me a while to realize that there is a Braille contraction just for the combination ED: ⠫
If we mirror that, we get the letter ⠝ (N) which is made up of the dot pattern 1345. Converting from base-7 back to base-16, we get 20B, which is what should be placed on the question mark!

OP’s edit:

For the final question

The answer is ACED because when we go a step back and get 1345, we swap the last two digits and it becomes 1354 which leads to when converted into letters via A1Z26 cipher it results in it.

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    $\begingroup$ I think the the top right rebus is rot13(ZVEEBE = ZR + EBNE. Vg unf fvk yrggref nf vaqvpngrq naq gur uvag tvif ENJ zrng nf na nygreangvir.). It's a hint to something you have already found out. And rot13(vs lbh gnxr RQ nf jubyr, lbh trg gur Oenvyyr yrggre Y). And I can imagine that the overall answer is the classic rot13(gur sbhe-yrggre jbeq ABRY - ab Y). $\endgroup$
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Some initial thoughts:

The premise

The title "Use your fingers", the hint "DOTS", and the hint "not so familiar plotting system well-known by a specific minority group" seem to be alluding to the Braille system.

The left portion of the rebus

could be alluding to a basic 52-card deck (a pH higher than 7 indicates a basic pH, while the fingers are showing 5 and 2).

The upper right portion of the rebus

could be the word "filthy"? A 6-letter reference to the quote "you filthy animal" from the movie Home Alone. Alternatively, "sapien", as this is the type of animal that the reader presumably is.

The sequence

For the sequence of numbers/letters, perhaps we should draw them out in Braille? But I wasn't able to find a pattern here. Also, the characters for "e" and "5" are the same lol

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