Replace the question marks with the correct letters and explain what two-word noun this puzzle is about.

      FI              [][][][][][][][]
      IN              [][][][][][][][]
      TR        [][][][][][]
      GN      [][][][][][][]
      ??          [][][][][][][][][][]                    
      CH          [][][][]
      CO            [][][][][][] 
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    $\begingroup$ Too bad the first two entries line up, otherwise I might have found a (red) herring. $\endgroup$
    – M Oehm
    Mar 24 at 18:18

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Puzzle is about "noble gases".

Country codes with their capitals:

FI              HELSINKI
IN              NEWDELHI
TR           ANKARA
GN          CONAKRY
??            XXXXXXXXXX
CH            BERN
CO             BOGOTA

Among He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Rn, Og, Xe (Xenon) is missing, so the capital is LuXEmbourg and ??=LU.

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    $\begingroup$ Well done, just beat me to it! $\endgroup$
    – hexomino
    Mar 24 at 18:36
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    $\begingroup$ Pairs is an anagram for paris hence the capitals $\endgroup$
    – PDT
    Mar 24 at 18:43
  • $\begingroup$ @PDT nice appointment, secret hint, but "capitals " is only one word. $\endgroup$
    – z100
    Mar 24 at 18:46
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    $\begingroup$ @codewarrior0 thanks for editing into fixed font inside spoiler $\endgroup$
    – z100
    Mar 24 at 19:45
  • $\begingroup$ That's it, well done! $\endgroup$ Mar 25 at 7:19

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