Which country am I from? You have all the information you need inside the following picture.

enter image description here


Unicode decode (via binary).

You might need Google Translate for this.

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    $\begingroup$ This question probably got downvoted because it is ultimately very simple, only really requiring looking up a key on the internet (and then translating the answer). It's not that much of a puzzle, more an exercise in using web tools. In the same way, a question that is just a string of Morse code or semaphore flags isn't really a great 'puzzle'. It could, however, form part of a puzzle. Consider adding additional steps before you arrive at the deciphering step in the image above, e.g. a grid of letters with a rule that certain ones must be blanked out. $\endgroup$
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You are from


The picture represent 5 lines of binary strings. Where reading from left to right the black blocks represent 1s and the empty tiles represent 0s.

Feeding all this into a binary to text translator with Unicode encoding I got 5 Chinese characters:

enter image description here

Which I when translated to English says I am Chinese!

enter image description here


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