I made this challenge.

Astronomers announced that the sky and the moon will appear violet-velvet next week, and one of their workmates is also celebrating her birthday on the day that the moon will appear violet-velvet. Also, they announced that an asteroid will approach close to Earth on that day.

What they observed about the day when moon will appear violet-velvet:

  • the date format of that day is form of: $M/D/YYY\color{blue}{\textrm{Y}}$, where $\color{Blue}{\textrm{Y}}$ is equal to the adjacent number to $D$, and when written in $M/D/YYYY$ format, $MDYYYY$ is a perfect square and it’s square root is form of $ABC$, where the tens digit $B$ corresponds to the product of $A$ and $C$.
  • It is the (duo deducted from triple of number of months in a year)th day of the year.
  • (Perfect number) of days before that day is Chinese New Year and the day is $M/DD$, where $MDD$ is when (Octal is cubed) and divided into quadruple pieces.
  • Ash Wednesday will fall after quadruple! of days from the day when moon will appear violet-velvet.

When and what day of the week when moon will appears as violet-velvet and an Asteroid will approach close to earth?


The day when the moon will appear violet-velvet is not a working day, nor it is a weekday. But it is not also holiday in the U.S.

The first two digits of the year is equal to Month and Day.

(Half of gross plus half of dozen minus one) years after that year is a square number year.

The tens digit of that year is equal to the month.

Bonus question:

What is the name of their workmate whose birthday falls on the day when moon will appear violet-velvet?


They remember the first three words of the 3rd month of the year, but the words was swapped by Artificial Intelligence.

Bonus question:

What time this phenomenon will occur:


The $HH:MM$ will correspond to the colored text below:

It will occur exactly twice hours after the $\color{violet}{\textrm{great gross}}$


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The date is

2/3/2324 - which is the Sunday 3rd of February 2324

For the requirements:

- 232324 is 482 squared, and 8 is 4 * 2
- It is the 34th day of the year (3 * 12 - 2 = 34)
- The Chinese New Year in 2324 is apparently the 27th January, although OP was looking for the 28th, which is 1/28 (8^3 / 4 = 128), and also 6 days (a perfect number) before
- Ash Wednesday in 2324 is February 27th, 24 days after (4!)

For the hints:

- Sunday is not a working day or a weekday
- The first two digits of the year are indeed equal to the month and day: 2 and 3
- 77 years after 2324 is 2401, which is 49^2
- The tens digit of the year is 2, equal to the month

For the bonus questions:

Apparently Elmo's birthday is February 3rd, so Elmo? Not sure on the hint though

And for the time:

A great gross is 1728, so two hours after that is 19:28

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    $\begingroup$ I looked but couldn't find anywhere whether the moon will actually appear purple on this date, or if an asteroid will actually pass by earth either $\endgroup$ Jan 23 at 19:44

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