Wordle 539 X/6

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The answer is a common 6-letter word.


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The correct answer is


Step 1:

Each row corresponds to a five letter word relating all the words in the row. They are:

VINYL (vinyl group, vinyl record, etc.)
SCENE (crime scene, nativity scene, etc.)
BROWN (brown dwarf, brown bear, etc.)
VISTA (Windows Vista, Toyota Vista, etc.)
HOTEL (hotel rating, Hôtel-Dieu, etc.)
ROMEU (Oriol Romeu, Romeu Zema, etc.)

Step 2:

Using the colors in the grid, use the set of five letter words to solve a Wordle:

solved wordle game
Solving the Wordle gives the word MASYU, a type of logic puzzle.

Step 3:

Using the key G=B, Y=W, the grid of words becomes a Masyu grid, where the green words are black circles (G=B) and the yellow words are white circles (Y=W). unsolved masyu board
Solving the Masyu puzzle gives us this:
solved masyu board

Step 4:

If we impose the masyu solution path onto the Wordle grid, we get:
masyu solution path on Wordle grid
The 6 letters which were not intersected by the path spell the answer, LETTER.


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