The following terms appear in a sequence. Unfortunately, they are scrambled (both the original terms and their order).

Theory, Policeman?, Contest, Clarice, Bad Act, One in Rome, Fashionable, Confess, Scary

Can you put them in the correct order and say why you are right?


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The correct order should be:

One in Rome, Fashionable, Bad Act, Confess, Policeman?, Theory, Contest, Clarice, Scary

Why? Because:

Each of these words or phrases represents (by word association or straightforward definition) another word, which differs from the previous by the addition of a single letter (without rearrangement):

One in Rome = I
Fashionable = IN
Bad Act = SIN
Confess = SING (i.e. 'squeal')
Policeman? = STING
Theory = STRING
Contest = STARING
Clarice = STARLING


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