The following puzzle is from the October 1961 issue of the Eureka journal (published by The Cambridge University Mathematical Society):

Rearrange the order of the following so as to make a true statement:

angles are degrees has less more no not seventy than than triangle two which


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no triangle has more than two angles which are not less than seventy degrees

A confusing string of negatives. To put it another way,

A triangle cannot have three angles which all measure seventy degrees or more.


Another take:

no triangle has more than seventy angles which are not less than two degrees

This is true since

A triangle only has three angles, and thus cannot have more than 70 angles, including those which are 2 degrees or more.

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Yet another solution:

No triangle has angles which are more than, not less than, two seventy degrees.

In other words:

You can't have an angle of more than $270^\circ$ in a triangle. Even $180^\circ$ is too big. (For emphasis, we clarify that we are talking about angles more than $270^\circ$, not less than $270^\circ$.)

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