The agent-noun form of lingerie is frank.

The present-participle form of military actions is lying.

The past-tense form of sheep is permanent.

The past-participle form of six-pack is urn.

Unfortunately, someone has mix-and-matched these four statements. Some or all of them should combine a form name, a given form, and a modified form (the three boldfaced components) differently from the way they're combined above. Can you arrange them back into their proper combinations?


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The trick here lies in

finding synonyms of the bolded words that follow the language pattern provided (but aren't actually related):

The agent-noun form of

sheep (ewes) is urn (ewer).
- Someone who "ewes" a lot becomes a great "ewer".

The past-tense form of

six-pack (abs) is lying (abed).
- He "abs" now, but yesterday he "abed" even more.

The present-participle form of

lingerie (undies) is permanent (undying).
- She "undies" every day; she really loves "undying".

The past-participle form of

military actions (ops) is frank (open).
- If one "ops" now, it does not necessarily mean that one has "open" in the past.
(Like "speaks/spoken".)


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