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Now, I know that I have already introduced anti-mines many times before, but today, I feel like I should give you a better introduction. The reason being, I feel like I just never gave a reasonable intro to anti-mines. So, today, there will only be anti-mines. However, here's the thing. There are a few missing tiles that contain numbers that you will need to deduce where they are.

The grid:

-2 -1 -2
-3 -2
-3 -3 -2 -1 -6
-2 -3
-7 -2
-3 -3 -3
-3 -2
-2 -3

What I have deleted:








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First we try to solve what we can

Cross = No mine; Flag = mine; Circled number = that number is satisfied. initial solve

Then we try to fill in the numbers

filling in the numbers Here we need to note that we're running out of "-1". So the "?" has to be "-2".

Then the rest is easy

final solution

Thank you for the nice puzzle!


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