1. Selçuk, İzmir Province, Turkey.
  2. Bodrum, Muğla Province, Turkey.
  3. Yassıhüyük, Ankara Province, Turkey.
  4. Sart, Manisa Province, Turkey.
  5. ???
  6. İzmir, İzmir Province, Turkey.
  7. Atalanti, Phthiotis, Greece.

Explain why the blank cannot be filled.

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Well, all cities are in the Asian part of Western Turkey with the exception of Atalanti in Greece. But you knew that – it's explicitly stated in the question. And because the puzzle is only "seemingly" geographic, as the title claims, the location of the cities probably isn't the important thing here.

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In Ancient times, these towns were Greek settlements:

Selçuk was Ephesus, the largest city in Ionia.
Bodrum was Halicarnassus, a Dorian settlement.
Yassıhüyük was Gordion, capital of Phrygia.
Sart was Sardis, capital of Lydia.
İzmir was Smyrna, an Aeolian settlement.
Atalanti already had its present name. It was capital of the Locris province.

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The regions of these cities have given the name to the diatonic scales. I know next to nothing about those and if my procrastination-inclined mind hadn't insisted on, er, investing so much time in hanging around PSE, I would have never heard of them. :)

Why can't the blank be filled?

The fifth scale is Mixolydian. It isn't named after a region; there were no Mixolydians. It just means "mixed Lydian".

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