The structure of this puzzle is the same as JLee's Phrase™ puzzles.

Use these examples to find the rule. What is a Directed Phrase™?

Directed Phrase™ Not a Directed Phrase™
Berry Scroll Flavoured Pastry
Cassette Shop Vinyl Retailer
Ballot Points Election Votes
Massage Lounge Relaxation Parlor
School Spirit Educational Enthusiasm
Zero Sheep Lacking Rams
ASCII Tutorial Unicode Guide
Awful Organ Terrible Piano
Erotic Makeup Arousing Stylings
Looking Gallery Ocular Display
Immune Barrier Invincible Shield
Kinda Worried Somewhat Hesitant

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A Directed Phrase™ is one where the

letters in the words go in the same direction on a Qwerty keyboard, either horizontally or vertically.

The Directed Phrases™

Berry bottom to top, Scroll left to right
Cassette bottom to top, Shop L to R
Ballot bottom to top, Points R to L
Massage bottom to top, Lounge R to L
School L to R, Spirit middle to top
Zero L to R, Sheep middle to top
ASCII L to R, Tutorial top to middle
Awful L to R, Organ top to bottom
Erotic top to bottom, Makeup bottom to top
Looking R to L, Gallery middle to top
Immune R to L, Barrier bottom to top
Kinda R to L, Worried top to middle


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