Here's some things I kept in my basement for a while.

  1. a scroll
  2. a flower pot
  3. a vase
  4. a bust of a woman's head
  5. a ballerina dress
  6. a blank canvas

Weirdly, these are the only things I can remember.

By this information, what musician was I listening to? (7, 5, 5)


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You were listening to the musician

Leyland James Kirby

Because these six items

are seen on his work Everywhere at the End of Time comprised of six stages (portraying the progression of Alzheimer's disease). The cover art for stage 1 is a scroll, stage 2 a flower pot, stage 3 a vase, stage 4 a bust of a woman's head, stage 5 a ballerina dress, stage 6 a blank canvas.

Here is an image

of the cover art for the six stages:

enter image description here

which you can find here: Cover art - stage 1-6

  • $\begingroup$ After seeing the solution, this seems to be a trivia question more than it is a puzzle. $\endgroup$
    – Bass
    Sep 29, 2023 at 15:23

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