This was an attempt at making a Nazo-type puzzle. Nazo puzzles are lateral thinking puzzles, centered around a single neat observation/realisation, as a way to let you find that interesting realisation too.

What is the 5-character answer that has been covered?

Image with text divided on two sides of the picture, where each line is a pair of strings. In reading order, ...UN / --------N, ......G.... / L---W, Y.... / N---, .....NK / FL---A-, and DA....... / ?????. The final line is missing the right half of the pair.


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The answer is:

D---- (DOT in morse code (D --- -) ) !

Taking the

red dots and blue dashes as morse code*, we have:
DASH | ?????
Which are all opposites!
So the missing entry is DOT, the opposite of a DASH in morse code; which in the current format is these 5 characters: D---- (thanks caPNCApn for pointing out my initial goof; I had typed this up too fast without reading it carefully).

  • Disclaimer: I made that webpage to solve puzzles like this more quickly. If I shouldn't link to it, delete it.
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    $\begingroup$ Congrats! Also, wow that page is actually really great, if anything more people should see it. I don't see any reason to intentionally limit resources if it's there. Certainly will being saving it for later! $\endgroup$ Aug 25, 2023 at 6:19

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