Here's another connect wall, with the usual goal of putting four words into Group One, another four words into Group Two, four more into Group Three, and four into Group Four. This puzzle is also misleading—at first it looks like it's just grouping the words by language, but the number of languages is too big and the number of words in each language too small. What's going on, do you reckon?


The languages do ultimately matter, but the meanings of the words don't matter….

avfyra chiquilicuatro detta едва
entzweien Erdreich Klavier kortvåg
lagunosa megkettőzés megye острие
родина sastresa strejk vonósnégyes

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What's going on, do you reckon?

It's right there in the question: "the number of languages". Each non-English word contains, as a substring, a numeral in the same language.

Group One

detta, Swedish, ett, one
lagunosa, Spanish, uno, one
megye, Hungarian, egy, one
родина, Russian, один, one

Group Two

едва, Russian, два, two
entzweien, German, zwei, two
kortvåg, Swedish, två, two
megkettőzés, Hungarian, kettő, two

Group Three

Erdreich, German, drei, three
острие, Russian, три, three
sastresa, Spanish, tres, three
strejk, Swedish, tre, three

Group Four

avfyra, Swedish, fyra, four
chiquilicuatro, Spanish, cuatro, four
Klavier, German, vier, four
vonósnégyes, Hungarian, négy, four

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    $\begingroup$ So stupid of me to not find the hidden word in "chiquilicuatro" $\endgroup$
    – poco
    Aug 9, 2023 at 9:39
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    $\begingroup$ Beautifully done! $\endgroup$ Aug 9, 2023 at 16:23

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