I found out that

0 has none

1 has one

2 has two

but 3 has none

How many does 4 have?


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I believe that 4 has...

...two, if what we are talking about here is common homophones in the English language.

To consider the examples:

0 ('zero') has no common homophones which are standalone words (the prefix 'xero-' doesn't really count...).

1 ('one') has a single common homophone: 'WON'.

2 ('two') has two common homophones: 'TO' and 'TOO'.

3 ('three') has no common homophones ('free' has a different initial sound).

Thus for 4, we need to consider:

'FOR' and 'FORE' - the two common homophones of this word.

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    – Stiv
    Jul 22 at 14:02

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