Heavily based on a puzzle from Brainteasers and Mindbenders.

Eve's anniversary with her polycule is tomorrow, and she's bought presents for all of her partners. However, she stashed the presents in the back of her closet in a whole jumble, and now she doesn't remember which present is for who. She has four partners (Alice, Bob, Carol, and Dave) and four presents (Ween tickets, an X-Men omnibus, chunky yellow yarn, and a Zelda amiibo). She racks her mind, and remembers these things:

1. She's giving the Zelda amiibo to a person who's favorite Zelda title is Wind Waker.

2. Carol hates Marvel comics.

3. The person Eve's giving the Ween tickets to and the person she's giving the X-men omnibus to went on a date to the aquarium last week.

4. Alice and Dave don't date each other.

5. Dave and Alice have celiac disease...

6. ...But that means they never have bread around the house, so Eve doesn't know if Bob or Carol do too.

7. Carol and Dave are the only people in the polycule whose favorite Zelda game is Wind Waker.

8. The Ween fan in the group can't eat gluten...

9. ...but the avid knitter can.

10. Eve is giving the yellow yarn to a partner who loves Tears of the Kingdom.

11. That's Eve's favorite Zelda game too.

...Well, that was useless!

Or is it?

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I think:

Alice got the X-Men omnibus
Bob got the chunky yellow Yarn
Carol got the Ween tickets
Dave got the Zelda amiibo


First, a couple of assumptions, to make a solution possible:

  • Eve wants to give people presents she thinks they will like.
  • Someone who loves Tears of the Kingdom cannot love Wind Waker more.

  • Start with the Yarn:
    The avid knitter can eat gluten (clue 8-9), so isn't Alice or Dave (clue 5).
    And they love Tears of the Kingdom (clue 10) so aren't Carol or Dave (clue 7).
    So it must be Bob who gets the Yarn.

    Now for the Zelda amiibo:
    The Ween tickets and the X-Men omnibus are going to a pair that went on a date (clue 3) so cannot be Alice and Dave (clue 4).
    So it must be Carol and Alice, or Carol and Dave.
    And the remaining friend (Alice or Dave) must get the Zelda amiibo.
    But the amiibo is going to a Wind Waker fan (clue 1), so can only be Carol or Dave (clue 7).
    So it must be Dave who gets the Zelda amiibo.

    That leaves Alice and Carol with the Ween tickets and the X-Men omnibus.
    But Carol hates Marvel (clue 2), so must get the Ween tickets.
    Leaving Alice with the X-Men omnibus.

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