These seven cosmic circles appeared in the night sky:

Seven Cosmic Circles

For some reason, I was reminded of something my great uncle gave me long ago. It was like a disk, but he called it a "celestial key". He told me to hold on to it and that I would know when and how to use it.

Here, I found it:

Celestial Key

Starting from the dart, I see that it has the word BLINDING on it.

I held the celestial key at arm's length and lifted it up to the first cosmic circle. It was a perfect fit.

Celestial key fits cosmic circle

I tried various orientations until I reached this one....

Rotate the celestial key within the cosmic circle

....and then, magically, several corresponding letters switched positions between the cosmic circle and the celestial key.

Magic happens

I noticed that the word on the celestial key changed from BLINDING to BRANDING. Meanwhile, the cosmic circle now reads "LIFECANO" which at first seemed like more gibberish, until I realized that it could be parsed as "LIFE CAN O——" or maybe "LIFE CANO——". The beginning of a message, maybe?

With the celestial key now showing BRANDING, I tried to fit it to a few other cosmic circles at various orientations, but no further magic occurred. Maybe I don't understand which order the cosmic circles need to be visited. Can you help me complete the message?

Text version:

(Visiting the cosmic circles in clockwise order.
Withing each cosmic circle, traveling around the text in clockwise order.)








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The first step is given, yielding LIFECANO-BRANDING

from there, we can see NLYBE... which seems a promising start to the sentence,

plugging in our celestial key, oriented SE, shifts the system to NLBEUND-BRAISING
ERDTOODB looks like understood, which fits the sentence, orient the key W, and the system becomes ERSTOODB-BRAIDING

Around here is where I recognized the quote, and flew threw the rest



Please upvote @Sconibulus's answer. This is just an illustration of the solution's journey around the cosmic circles. (Each cosmic circle and celestial key is shown in its "post-magic" state.)

Solution journey

The quote is

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
— Soren Kierkegaard


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