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What symbol should you put in the red question mark? The title can be used as a clue.

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    $\begingroup$ Could you include a Markdown transcription of this image (e.g., using a table) so that it is more accessible (e.g., to people using screen readers)? $\endgroup$
    – samm82
    Commented Apr 24, 2023 at 1:28

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Based on the title and the layout of these words...

each word can be prepended with the cardinal direction it is relative to the question mark (maybe with some extra letters) to form a proper noun. From top left going clockwise, Northwest Territories, North(ern) Cyprus, Northeast Corridor, East(er) Island, Southeast(ern) Conference, South Park, Southwest Airlines, and West Germany.

If I had to pick a symbol to go in the middle, I'd go with...

maybe a compass rose?
a compass rose


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