No, the title does not refer to the card game Sushi Go; if you're looking for board games, check out Stiv's "Guess Where?" puzzle! ;)

Instructions (adapted from The GCHQ Puzzle Book (2016) and the introductory puzzle here on Puzzling Stack Exchange): The words in the following list can be partitioned into equal-sized sets depending on words associated with them; each set has its own word association method. This list is arranged so that these associated words are in alphabetical order. One of these sets is missing a member, so you have to work out where in the list the associated word fits alphabetically, and hence where the word itself should appear in the list. The list should be read from left to right and top to bottom and is only written in columns for convenience. (See the introductory puzzle for a more detailed explanation and an example.)

The question to answer is:

Where does 'Sushi' go in the following list?

Beach Shield Ark Green Wren Airy Foo
Ire Lying Frog Host Spice Ton Round
Stone Serpent Engine Pearl Sky Insect Fight
War Trade Rabbit Job Donkey Sea Acid
Black Time Wind Homing Mist Water Love

Crucially this time, every set relates to anime in some way.

Please hold off posting partial answers unless you think you have found at least half of the correct word associations (although if you make it that far, why not push to complete the whole puzzle!). Thank you, and enjoy!


  1. A couple of categories require some knowledge not exclusive to anime that is well-known or easy to find.


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A: Rock bands, and also the Stands in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series
• Beach BOY
• Green DAY
• Spice GIRL
• Pearl JAM

B: Quirk users in My Hero Academia series, with their aliases("Hero name")
• Shield: CRUST
• Frog: FROPPY (Tsuyu Asui)
• Engine: INGENIUM (Tenya Ida)
• Rabbit: MIRKO (Rumi Usagiyama)
• Acid: PINKY (Mina Ashido)
• Homing: SNIPE

C: Pokémon types, by adding first letters

D: Hashira members in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series
• Stone: Gyomei HIMEJIMA
• Serpent: Obanai IGURO
• Insect: Shinobu KOCHO
• Wind: Sanemi SHINAZUGAWA
• Mist: Muichiro TOKITO
• Water: Giyu TOMIOKA

E: Roman deities, and also Sailor Guardians in Sailor Moon series
JUPITER: God of sky
MARS: God of war
MERCURY: God of trade
NEPTUNE: God of sea
SATURN: God of time
VENUS: God of love

And finally, X: Protagonists in famous shōnen animes, by changing first letters
[w→E]REN Yeager: Attack on Titan
[t→G]ON Freecss: Hunter × Hunter
[f→L]IGHT Yagami: Death Note
[j→M]OB (Shigeo Kageyama): Mob Psycho 100
[d→M]ONKEY D. Luffy: One Piece
• And... [s→?]USHI

So, where does 'Sushi' go?

In my best guess, the word you've lost is FUSHI, the protagonist of To Your Eternity. I think this anime is less well known than other members, but I couldn't find more suitable one.

So, 'Sushi' will go between 'Frog' and 'Host'.

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    $\begingroup$ Yup! What a great first answer! I agree that the corresponding item for "sushi" was more obscure, but I loved the thematic-ness of "sushi" (plus the Sushi Go pun) and the fact that it had its own Wikipedia page made me think it would be OK 😅 $\endgroup$
    – samm82
    May 26, 2023 at 14:15

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