A character has been replaced with another character. It's up to you to figure out which one it is. Explain why that character needs to be replaced with another one in order for this special sequence to be complete. They are arranged from the first to the last. Good luck.




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This sequence represents,

times on a digital clock those are made up with consecutive primes.

The trick is that

the list in roman numerals and it is upside down!

Once rotated, we see that

- should be replaced with x.

 2:35     ii:xxxv
 3:57    iii:Lvii
 7:11    vii:xi
11:13     xi:xiii
13:17   xiii:xvii
17:19   xvii:xix
19:23    xix:xxiii
23:29  xxiii:xxix

And the title confirms,

xxivH aka 24 H.

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