Symsquare5: The answer is a square grid which has the same words vertically and horizontally. The clue is a single sentence written in cryptic style and includes one anagram, one hidden word, one Charade, one straight clue and one Double Meaning, all as syntactically separate units.

The article particle collision resulted in a clean mess that the fifth Hal and St Crispin orator could discourage.


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 C L A S H
 L A N C E
 A N I O N
 S C O U R
 H E N R Y


"The article particle"
ANION = AN (article) + ION (particle)

Straight Clue



"clean mess"
LANCE = anagram of clean

Double Meaning

"fifth Hal and St Crispin orater"
HENRY = Henry V (Prince Hal is the term used for Shakespeare's Henry V who also gives the St Crispin's Day speech).

Hidden word

"could discourage"
SCOUR is hidden in diSCOURage


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