Scooby Don't - Enigmatic Puzzle



  • t1 = 0
  • t2 = 8 ln(3)/𝝅
  • t3 = 2.0492
  • t4 = II . IV VII VII VI I

[contextual diagram]

Instructions: Name That Astronaut

_ _ _ _ A


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Taking out my calculator, I find that all of the $r(t_i)$ numbers are close to integers, all within the 1-11 range that appears in the diagram.

  • $r(t_1) = 1$
  • $r(t_2) \approx 9$
  • $r(t_3) \approx 5$
  • $r(t_4) \approx 7$

So I think that the “astronaut” (or “cosmonaut”) you're looking for is:

LAIKA the dog, who was launched into space by the Soviets in 1957. Her name satisfies the letter pattern [AL][AI][IK][AK]A from the boxes connected to the numbers 1, 9, 5, 7 in the diagram.

The question title is:

a reference to Scooby-Doo, thus hinting at a dog. “Don't” may be a reference to the fact that Laika never returned from space, dying of overheating while in orbit.

OP Edit:

r(t4) is the number 2.47761 in roman numerals


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