Replace the question mark with the correct film director. Explain.

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I believe the missing film director is:

David Fincher, the director of Se7en (1995).

To find this answer, first identify all of the faces of other movie directors (using an online reverse image search tool, individually for each thumbnail):

Row 1: Robert Altman, Todd Haynes, Lee Unkrich
Row 2: Wolfgang Reitherman, Eagle Egilsson, Dominic Sena
Row 3: Hrafn Gunnlaugsson, Peyton Reed, Eiji Tsuburaya
Row 4: Thom Eberhardt, Dickson Iroegbu, Nils Gaup
Row 5: Oldřich Lipský, Sayo Yamamoto, Victoria Larimore
Row 6: Yoshihiro Nishimura, Olof Thunberg, Tomu Uchida


Create a 6x6 letter square from their initials:

R  A  T  H  L  U
W  R  E  E  D  S
H  G  P  R  E  T
T  E  D  I  N  G
O  L  S  Y  V  L
Y  N  O  T  T  U

And using the spiral-like image hint, realise that...

...we can find a series of words spelled out in a spiral formation, outwards from the centre:

Seven Deadly Sins spelled out in a spiral

These words are The Seven Deadly Sins: PRIDE, GREED, ENVY, SLOTH, WRATH, LUST and GLUTTONY, things one might be advised to 'stay away from', as per the title.

Armed with the hint that we are looking for the director of a movie from the 1990s with a connection to this theme this is in all likelihood:

David Fincher, the director of Se7en (1995) - a movie about a serial killer carrying out their crimes according to a 'Seven Deadly Sins' pattern.

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