Five directors are listed in the puzzle below. There is an additional director who didn't make the list, the one labeled as "(Extra)". Who is that director?

You can't fly but you can always try.
Just make sure it's off the shore.
If you can't, you'll land on water - no harm..., always works like a charm.

David Fincher ----- ----
Ebrahim Irajzad ------- ------
Tim Klok ---- -----
Lee Philips --- -----
Fanny Ardant ------- -----

(no need to "apply" the text)


? ----- -----


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I think the missing director is

M. Night Shyamalan


Given the spaces, the movies for each director are

David Fincher - FIGHT CLUB
Ebrahim Irajzad - SEARING SUMMER
Lee Philips - THE SPELL
Fanny Ardant - STALIN'S COUCH

Each of these movies contains a word which is one letter different from one of the classical five senses, in order - SIGHT, HEARING, TASTE, SMELL, TOUCH.

So the last movie must be THE SIXTH SENSE

  • $\begingroup$ That's exactly right and very fast. Well done! $\endgroup$ Jan 31, 2023 at 16:45

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