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I was given an 11x11x11 Rubik's cube as a gift. It came with a guide book that I have been following to solve the cube.

I have solved four of the 9x9 sub-centers of the cube, and arrived at the step to solve the 5x5 sub-sub-centers of the remaining two. There is an error in the guide book notation, where it has duplicate algorithms (circled in red) to swap two different pairs of pieces:

Picture showing duplicate algorithms

The top right algorithm is correct -- it swaps the rightmost center piece of the 5x5 sub-centers. However, the bottom left algorithm is incorrect; it does the same thing as the aforementioned one. What is the correct algorithm to do here?

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    – bobble
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I had suspected a fix myself as there was an intuitive pattern among the different algorithms, and Reddit user XenosHg suspected the same. I tested the new algorithm and confirm that the answer is that the bottom left algorithm should be:

T4R' F' N7R' F T4R F' N7R


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