Bonjour Monsieur Vashe âme Érotique


Contextual graphic



Instructions: Name that Rock Star

Mr _ _ _ i _ _ _ o _ i _ _ m _ e _ _


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Well I don't fully understand the equations but I believe the answer is:

"Mr Bovine Joni Himself"

Which is:

A quote from the episode Dennis Reynolds: An erotic life The title hints at the episode name and the quote as monsieur vache translates from French as Mr Cow, and Ame Erotique as Erotic soul - soul being a reference to Philadelphia Soul

OP Edit - the equation on the left crosses the axes at 4, and 9, pointing to Season 4 Episode 9, Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life. The equation on the right is a complicated mess, but the limit of the "e" portion of the equation approaches 1. 1400x1=1400, pointing to minute 14, second 00 of the episode. The reason the title is in French is because the singer Bon Jovi sounds like a French greeting.


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