Dry Calculus

Clues: a=eru 5I 5I

[two contextual images]

Instructions: Name the Song _ a _ _ _ _ _ _ _


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I believe the clues are hinting toward


The tangent line in the first image suggests that we want to calculate the slope of the function $a = eru$. We can take the derivative of the function with respect to $e$ to get $da/de = ru$. Rearranging terms gives us $da = rude$, i.e., Darude, the artist of the song in question.

I think the second clue is hinting toward the iconic 5 beat "du du du du du" that the song starts with, with the pause symbol next to the time signature referring to the musical rest between each set of 5 beats.

<OP Edit - The 5 and I are in reference to Morse Code, which are dit-dit-dit-dit-dit and dit-dit, respectively. They are positioned on a percussion cleff (not a bass or treble) to signify that the rhythm is what is important>

As for the title

Calculus is Latin for "small rock." So dry calculus can be taken to mean "sand" as well as the math we need to do for the first clue


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