I'm looking for a two-word phrase (twelve letters).

B: P(□)

Y: P(○)




enter image description here


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The phrase you are looking for is



If we take B to indicate "blue" and Y to indicate "yellow", then the first set of instructions is telling us to draw a square through the blue dots and a circle through the yellow dots, where we count "green" dots as being both blue and yellow (B+Y=?).

The second set of instructions tell us how to connect, respectively, the upper and lower central black dots to the rest of the image, e.g, UL in the first row indicates a line joining the upper black dot to the dot to its upper left.

If we do all that we get the following image
enter image description here
which looks like a stick figure version of da Vinci's Vitruvian Man
enter image description here

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