Note: The story is fictional, this is my own puzzle.

Marshmallow Stacks

My vegan girlfriend has gotten upset with me buying marshmallows again! Before leaving this morning, she stacked up all my marshmallows by the door with a threat.

Can you decipher what the note is telling me?


Bottom text transcription: A B D EB / E B B D / E EB / E B A

Hint 1

The bag of marshmallows contained 20 marshmallows in total


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There are

8 separate towers arranged in an octagon.

There are actually

4 unique shapes, each reflected across the octagon symmetrically.

This implies there are

A few stacks of marshmallows, and the drawing is more of a 'shadow' cast by light sources in 8 directions.

In fact we can find

5 stacks, placed at "A", "B", "C", "D", and "E", and the shadows in the 8 directions give the height of each stack: A=4, B=5, C=3, D=6, E=2.

Taking our "code" of A B D EB / E B B D / E EB / E B A, we get

4 5 6 25 / 2 5 5 6 / 2 25 / 2 5 4.
Converting to A=1,Z=26, we get: DEFY BEEF BY BED
Which is either some very strange/cryptic threat or pun, or I made a misstep.

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    $\begingroup$ You got it. I was actually intending it to be visualized as 5 towers viewed from 8 different angles and each of the sets on the outside are how many marshmallows you would see from each of the 8 angles. If the 3d view is flattened, the only marshmallows counted are those in the tallest towers. Regardless, you still got the final answer. $\endgroup$ Nov 16, 2022 at 5:47

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