[text within symbol] 79(I)

[musical notation with 3 circled areas]

[three blank lines, the third has a # symbol]

325:327=1, 329:331=1, 336:338=1, 341=1, 345=1, 892=1, 894=1, 896=1, 898=1, 900:901=1, 903=1, 905=1, 909=1, 911=1, 1459=1, 1461=1, 1463=1, 1465=1, 1470:1472=1, 1477=1, 2026=1, 2028=1, 2030=1, 2032=1, 2034:2035=1, 2037=1, 2039=1, 2043=1, 2045=1, 2593:2595=1, 2597:2599=1, 2604=1, 2607=1, 2609=1, 2613=1

Instructions: Find the make and model of the vehicle

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The N64 cartridge:

Atomic number of gold = 79, therefore the game in question is GoldenEye

which links up with the comment about Arecibo because

the climax of the film was shot at the Arecibo observatory

This leads us to believe that the car

features prominently in the GoldenEye film, like the BMW Z3, Aston Martin DB5 or Ferrari F355

However, when you

draw a pixel-based diagram similar to the Arecibo message, using the numerical clues, you get something else: at first I attempted to use the max number of 2631 to generate a rectangle, either 13 by 201 or 39 by 67, however those did not make sense. Later I saw that the 'ones' are in 5 groups, so by trial and error trying to make the groups line up, I managed to get the following by using a rectangle length of 567: (only a piece is shown) Arecibo clue

which when typed in text is

00 = RX

now since the game refers to

James Bond, who is 007

that substitution leads to

007, but 00 = RX => RX7, which the gives the make and model of the car as Mazda RX7


this does not make use of the music notation clue, something perhaps to do with staff/bar/measure/sharp, however I believe that that clue was intended to point to Arecibo, which was short-circuited by the OP's comment

[OP Edit] The music notation shown is a percussion clef, meant to convey that the rhythm is what is important. The first two measures of the 007 Goldeneye game starts with two heavy high notes, followed by a long low note, repeated, then 5 short high notes. These were meant to be the clues to develop the Arecibo rectangle - dit dit dah, dit dit dah, dit dit dit dit dit = UU5. By creating a spreadsheet with columns to UU, and 5 rows, the Arecibo message can be found!

[OP Edit] Also, if you google "UU5", you'll find the top result to be an old Mazda rectifier.


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