Th1s puzzle 1s part 0f the Monthly Topic Challenge #4: Cross-*non*-words

C0mplete the cr0ssw0rd and f1nd the h1dden themat1c e1ght-character s0lut10n w0rd.

Crossword grid

7. Pref1x mean1ng 'just a few' 0r 'scanty' (e.g. _____z00sperm1a - l0w sperm c0unt) (5)
8. Brand 0f st0ck cubes (3)
9. _____ G1nk0, the f1rst l1censed female phys1c1an pract1c1ng Western med1c1ne 1n Japan (5)
11. Ne1ghb0urh00d 0f L0nd0n 0r New Y0rk? (4)
12. French w0rd, mean1ng 'Here' (3)
13. Un1lever's largest detergent brand, als0 kn0wn as Pers1l, Sk1p, and Surf Excel (3)
14. Generat10n 1 R0ck/Gr0und-type P0kém0n (4)
15. Ann0 ______, "1n the year 0f the L0rd" (6)
17. ___Mabuse, TV talent sh0w judge, presenter, and pr0fess10nal dancer (3)
18. ______ Strauss, c0-0wner 0f Macy's department st0re wh0 d1ed 0n the T1tan1c (6)
20. 0ne-p1ece beach garment equ1valent t0 the l0wer half 0f a b1k1n1 (8)
23. F0rt1f1ed w1nes made 1n Jerez and M0nt1lla-M0r1les, pr0duced by 0x1dat1ve ag1ng (8)
26. Der0gat0ry term f0r a pers0n w1th str0ng v1ews ab0ut g0vernment (8)
29. Rac1el G0nzales ________, d0uble s1lver medall1st 1n the T46 class at the 2012 Summer Paralymp1cs (8)
31. Fam1ly 0f ser1f typefaces des1gned by G1ambatt1sta ______ 1n the late e1ghteenth century (6)
34. ___ Karl0v1ć, Cr0at1an tenn1s player, f0rmer w0rld rec0rd h0lder f0r fastest serve and m0st career aces (3)
35. 21-t1me w1nners 0f the Cypr10t F1rst D1v1s10n (f00tball) (6)
37. Large desert 1n East As1a, the s1xth largest 1n the w0rld (4)
39. ___ J1ma, Japanese 1sland, s1te 0f 1c0n1c WW11 flag-ra1s1ng ph0t0graph (3)
40. ___ Energy, a Br1t1sh gas and electr1c1ty suppl1er (3)
41. R0man p0et, auth0r 0f The Metam0rph0ses (4)
42. D1v0ck _____, Belg1an f00tballer, g0alsc0rer 1n the 2019 UEFA Champ10ns League f1nal (5)
43. Br0ad sash w0rn r0und the wa1st 0f a Japanese k1m0n0 (3)
44. Hardw00d tree 0f West Afr1ca, 0f the genus M1l1c1a (5)

1. Eleventh c0dew0rd 1n the NAT0 ph0net1c alphabet (4)
2. Fab10 ______, f0rmer Chelsea and L1verp00l f00tballer, currently play1ng f0r Fat1h Karagümrük (6)
3. J0hn W1ll1am ________, auth0r 0f The Vampyre (1819) (8)
4. S1te 0f a f1erce battle 1n September 1812 dur1ng Nap0le0n's 1nvas10n 0f Russ1a (8)
5. Cap1tal c1ty 0f C0m0r0s (6)
6. Fred and W1lma Fl1ntst0ne's pet (4)
7. Ferd1nand _____, Camer00n1an d1pl0mat and Cha1rman 0f UN1CEF, 1977-78 (5)
10. 1tal1an w0rd, mean1ng 'sheep' (5)
16. "1f y0u ask me..." (3, 1n1ts)
19. Heard tw1ce at a wedd1ng? (1,2)
21. Y0k0 ___, Japanese art1st, s1nger, s0ngwr1ter, and peace act1v1st (3)
22. "__ _ was an astr0naut" - 0pen1ng l1ne 0f Sam Ryder's 2022 Eur0v1s10n h1t, Spaceman (2,1)
24. French w0rd 0f agreement (3)
25. Jama1can mus1c art1st beh1nd 2010s h1t, Cheerleader (3)
27. Sh0uld 1 Stay 0r Sh0uld _ __, 1982 h1t f0r The Clash (1,2)
28. Kukr1 snake genus (8)
29. (0f a dr1nk) C0nta1n1ng essent1al salts and m1nerals 1n the same c0ncentrat10n as 1n the b0dy (8)
30. "Aha! ___! A track 1n the sn0w!" (The Gruffal0's Ch1ld) (3)
32. Anth0ny _____, b0x1ng br0nze medall1st at the 2012 Summer 0lymp1cs (5)
33. Swell1ng 0r 1nflammat10n 1n the c0l0ured r1ng ar0und the pup1l 0f the eye (6)
35. Eth10p1an state, h0me t0 the cap1tal, Add1s Ababa (6)
36. "Hell0. My name 1s _____ M0nt0ya. Y0u k1lled my father. Prepare t0 d1e." (The Pr1ncess Br1de) (5)
38. L0ng-legged wad1ng b1rd (4)
41. W00dw1nd 1nstrument (4)

  • $\begingroup$ Ok, I might finally start doing crosswords... but how do you like import this crossword to solve it? $\endgroup$
    – Stevo
    Oct 1, 2022 at 9:29
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ @Stevo What I usually do is copy-paste the image into Word, then enter letters into an overlaid text box using a monospaced font, resizing the font and grid to get a 1-1 match with letters in boxes. Others copy-paste into something like MS Paint and freehand it. Still others print it off and enter with pen like a newspaper crossword. Lots of choices :) $\endgroup$
    – Stiv
    Oct 1, 2022 at 9:52
  • $\begingroup$ thanks! Okay, time to scrap my excel... $\endgroup$
    – Stevo
    Oct 1, 2022 at 9:57
  • $\begingroup$ And as for me – Inkscape is my trusty friend. $\endgroup$ Oct 1, 2022 at 10:16
  • 3
    $\begingroup$ As a type 10 kind op person I was shocked when reading about world war three in clue 39... $\endgroup$ Oct 1, 2022 at 11:41

1 Answer 1


We solve the crossword as follows:

Eight rows each have eight 0s and 1s spelling out a binary ASCII codepoint. The corresponding characters read out B1n0m1al (BINOMIAL).

  • 1
    $\begingroup$ Great job, well found :) And a tip for future contributors to this month's MTC: You'll note here that all of the 'non-letters' appear in a regular grid pattern, at every intersection of words - this is one way (but far from being the only one) to meet the challenge's criterion of no word appearing spelled out in full... $\endgroup$
    – Stiv
    Oct 1, 2022 at 10:32

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