Usual folks! Each ellipse corresponds to an as-yet-unknown category - two tiles are placed for you - and each remaining tile belongs to at least one category - so the question remains - which goes where and why?

enter image description here

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The resolved Venn diagram:

Resolved Venn diagram

Because the two ellipses represent:

The surnames of winners of the Academy Awards for Best Actor and Best Actress when the words are suffixed with MAN (clued by 'old kid', as well as these words doubling as entries in the diagram):

Best Actor winners:
Ronald COLman (A Double Life, 1946)
Gene HACKman (The French Connection, 1971)
Paul NEWman (The Color of Money, 1986)
Gary OLDman (Darkest Hour, 2017)

Best Actress winners:
Ingrid BERGman (Gaslight, 1944 & Anastasia, 1956)
Olivia COLman (The Favourite, 2017)
Nicole KIDman (The Hours, 2002)
Natalie PORTman (Black Swan, 2010)

Thus the word 'COL' appears in the intersection of the two ellipses.

NB The year quoted in each case is the year of the Academy Awards ceremony, not necessarily the year the movie was released.


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