Each letter in these equations stands for a movie.

a = b + c
d = e - c
e = f × b

Identify the movies 'a' to 'f' using these directors.

enter image description here


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The pictured directors are (in order of presentation):

Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford, George Gallo, Ron Howard, Joel Schumacher, and Dan Trachtenberg.

However, they do not equate to the letters a-f in this order. To work this out, we need to look at...

...movies by these directors which have numbers in their titles. Specifically, we need the following:

a: The Number 23 (Joel Schumacher)
b: Apollo 13 (Ron Howard)
c: 10 Cloverfield Lane (Dan Trachtenberg)
d: 29th Street (George Gallo)
e: The 39 Steps (Alfred Hitchcock)
f: Three Mounted Men, or, alternatively, Three Jumps Ahead (John Ford)

This then satisfies all the equations...

...when the numbers from the titles are used in place of the variables:

a = b + c
d = e - c
e = f × b

23 = 13 + 10
29 = 39 - 10
39 = 3 x 13


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