• This is a list of some of the Formula 1 championship winning drivers in their coded form.
  • The constructors that helped them to win the championship are also coded in the same row.


enter image description here


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The drivers and constructors you see are

1. Michael Schumacher - Ferrari
2. Jackie Stewart - Tyrrell
3. Mario Andretti - Lotus.

The fourth row should be completed by

Driver: Ayrton Senna enter image description here

Constructor: McLaren enter image description here

The fifth row should be completed by

Driver: Jenson Button enter image description here

Constructor: Brawn GP enter image description here


The grid of 5 squares are vowels; a, e, i, o, u (in order). And the red color indicate which vowels that are involved. I used this source to derive to the correct constructor. From there I just looked for vowels that corresponded to a championship drivers name that won with the help of that constructor.


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