This is a list of directors and the movies that they DID NOT direct.

enter image description here

Which two movies will replace the question marks?


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The question marks are replaced with the films:

Network (1976) and Drive (2011).

Because in each case:

the pictured director has directed a movie whose last word in the title is also the name of a film from the given year to which they are entirely unconnected.

1. Stanley Kubrick directed Paths of Glory, while Glory is a 1989 movie by Edward Zwick.

2. Martin Scorsese directed Cape Fear, while Fear is a 1996 movie by James Foley.

And the two unknowns...

3. David Fincher directed The Social Network, while Network is a 1976 movie by Sidney Lumet.

4. David Lynch directed Mulholland Drive, while Drive is a 2011 movie by Nicolas Winding Refn.


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