The following words/phrase belong at the beginning:

Letter, Second, Confinement, Move, Logical Operation, Demise, Foyer

The following words/phrases belong at the end:

Number, Colour, Prohibition, Anger, Cancel, Red liquid, Common Era

This list of absurd phrases has a common theme. What is it?

  1. Letter's Number
  2. Colour of Second
  3. Confinement of Prohibition
  4. Move of Anger
  5. Logical Operation of the Cancel
  6. Red Liquid Common Era
  7. Demise Foyer

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These absurd phrases are all ...

... titles of Harry Potter books.

How so?

These titles and the "absurd phrases" all have two principal words (The This of That or The Adjective Noun). The Harry Potter titles include the corresponding absurd word at the beginning or at the end as described in the preamble. So:

Letter's Number — Philosopher's Stone
Colour of Second — Chamber of Secrets
Confinement of Prohibition — Prisoner of Azkaban
Move of Anger — Goblet of Fire
Logical Operation of the Cancel — Order of the Phoenix
Red Liquid Common Era — Half-Blood Prince
Demise Foyer — Deathly Hallows


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