I found this website angusnicneven.com, dug through it and found a page witch requires a witch ID and sacred words. The page I found this text on is https://angusnicneven.com/quolle_cencuun_pellsen_en_somet_nac

The text I have found is:

Essac teiyosess, ent ollrah oyen esseteiya.
Somet nac, somet nac.
Aveyas unn, sollesse sollent myuen nyue.

opening the page shows a brief poem pasted from inspect

Oh, Aveyas...

The transcendental dreamer...

The keeper of the Gate...

Creation has seen fit to bless us with never-ending grief.

So we pray,impart our souls with your blossoming smile!

And balance our hollow skulls with gleaming teeth!

Sol onset sectol.

The website contains the words "sol onset sectol" everywhere. From what I know it means "good luck traveler". Opening in inspect also displays another message:

Sliccush oll.
Iricent vol.

Sliccush oll.
Iricent vol.

Sliccush oll.
Iricent vol.
Sol onset sectol

I've tried translating it with no success so far. I've used a Caesar cipher and shift cipher but to no result.

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  • $\begingroup$ The message Sol onset sectol seems to be all-important to the riddle. Consider deciphering it first. Also, rot13(Unir lbh pbafvqrerq gung gur jbeqf pbhyq or va n snagnfgvpny ynathntr, fhpu nf Gbyxvra'f Ryivfu)? $\endgroup$ Aug 6 at 13:01


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