On the phone, an acquaintance of yours sounds panicked

I know it sounds crazy, but you gotta listen to me.

Earlier today I got assaulted by a group of robed people, and now I just woke up in the middle of what looks like a hallway, and I'm stuck there! I see doors left and right and I think "Oh, well, no harm in listening". And you wouldn't believe what I heard!

"I would like to solve the puzzle", is what I could hear on the other side of that door, and the next door in line just had grunts and cries of what seemed like pain. So I kept going, and the third door I saw was silent, so I opened it. And inside was a corpse! A man hung from the ceiling! What am I supposed to do when I see that?

You have to help me dude, I want to get out of here, I just want to get back to the real world. Opening more doors sounds risky, and I know you're super smart, so please help!

You take a bit of time to think, which door should your friend open?

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    – xyldke
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    $\begingroup$ Ideally, the solution includes the total number of doors, the pattern tag is there to be paired with knowledge $\endgroup$
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The hallway represents

a deck of tarot cards, specifically the 22 cards that make up the Major Arcana.

The first door represents card X, Wheel of Fortune, because "I would like to solve the puzzle" is a phrase commonly heard on the game show of the same name.

The next door is XI, Strength, which depicts a woman subduing a lion by clasping its jaws, which is the source of the grunts and cries of pain (?)

The third door is XII, The Hanged Man, which represents, well, a hanged man.

So you advise your friend to open

door number XXI which represents The World, and thus an escape from the hallway.

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