Happy weekend puzzlers

As ever from me a Venn-based game. The three circles represent as yet unknown categories - their intersection forms seven curved regions - and your job is to place the right tiles in the right regions.
In today's puzzle you are given nine tiles - and also told how many tiles should be placed in each region - this is the number in the [] brackets. So which tiles go where and why?

Venn Diagram with 9 words: Bundy, Wittstock, Royle, Spencer, Manson, Josef K, Brady, Ferguson, Simpson


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I think the Venn diagram should resolve as follows:

Resolved Venn diagram

The three categories are:

Top left:

People who have famously been on trial (link to title: 'trials and tribulations')

Ian Brady, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, OJ Simpson, and - in fiction - Josef K

('Famously' is key here - I'm pretty sure that if you dig deep enough you could find trials featuring people with the other surnames here, but none quite as high-profile as these...)

Top right:

Television sitcom families

Brady (The Brady Bunch)
Bundy (Married... with Children)
Royle (The Royle Family)
Simpson (The Simpsons)
Spencer (Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em)


People who have married into a royal family (link to title: 'jubilation' → 'jubilee' and a sense of celebration)

The British royal family:
Wallis Simpson, married then-Prince Edward (later King Edward VIII) in 1937;
Diana Spencer, married Prince Charles in 1981;
Sarah Ferguson, married Prince Andrew in 1986.

And one from Monaco:
Charlene Wittstock, married Prince Albert II of Monaco in 2011.

The central shared word is thus:


  • $\begingroup$ As ever - chapeau! Always tricky when things are “famous” rather than definitive!!! $\endgroup$ Jun 6, 2022 at 8:19

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