I created the puzzle by myself.

Encoded Message

enter image description here



enter image description here


enter image description here

Hello, World!

enter image description here


enter image description here


Compass Rose

Back in Time


I made another image to illustrate the encoding better (all the images were generated by a Python program I wrote and I did not do any editing)

Ξένη Γήινος

enter image description here

Irrelevant information:

I just updated the function so that the bytes can be arranged in a circular fashion:

enter image description here


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  1. Looking at the "Hello" and "World" words, we see that:

The lime circle is present only in lowercase letters. The same also happens in "Python". The yellow-green-cyan-blue pattern repeats twice in "Hello", representing the "l".

  1. In "Hello, World", we see that:

It is the concatenation of "Hello" and "World", with just three colored circles in the middle, which would be the comma and the space.

  1. Further, we can note that:

"o" in the end of "Hello" would have six colored circles.

  1. It is reasonably to guess that:

Each octet of circles encodes a letter and represents a byte. Hence, each circle is a bit.

  1. Then:

Comparing the "o" and the "n" from Python, the magenta circle is the least significant bit.

  1. Throwing up the bit values and see where they the order is:

Magenta (least significant), Purple, Blue, Cyan, Green, Lime, Yellow-orange, Red (most significant).

  1. Thus:

This perfectly matches the ASCII table.

  1. Then, the message is:

Lindsey Stirling


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