I designed a puzzle called Four-Letter Blocks that mixes crossword puzzles with jigsaw puzzles. You are given a crossword puzzle that's been filled in and then cut up into blocks of four letters, as well as the usual set of crossword clues. Use the clues to assemble the grid. The bad news is that the clues aren't numbered in the normal way - 1 Across might not be in the top left. The good news is that every word has at least the first letter given.

At 11x11, today's challenge is at the medium level, try Classic Toys (9x9) for an easy introduction. You can either print out this page or the PDF version, or download the image and solve it in a paint program. Gluing onto cardboard or felt will make the pieces easier to work with.

2. A soldier shouldn't leave home without it
3. Wear out
4. Make your lips match the music
5. Do ___ others
7. King's address
8. Applications
10. Compact source of music
11. Sine qua non
12. Tempted an angler
13. Nixon's dog
14. Joins the play
16. Buffy Summers
18. Long for the forest
19. Standout performances
21. A vote in favour
22. A bird's width
25. Sabbath
26. When you can't stop the four horsemen

1. Bonnets, beanies, and berets
2. Joined with rings
4. One twelfth of AA
6. Bird homes
9. Stray from the path of rectitude
15. Furnishings
16. How some cities grow
17. Say you're in bed when you're not
20. Scottish girl or famous dog
23. Jedi master
24. Chewed by a cow
27. Prevention worth a pound of cure
28. A long story or the worst failure
29. Lost with your marbles?
30. How to win Trivial Pursuit
31. King's messenger
32. Himalayan myth
33. 4 Down on a ladder
34. Patella's home
35. Iron oxide

Pieces of a crossword puzzle


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Here's the completed grid:

11×11 grid of words, divided into tetrominoes

The "board game" theme is from CHECKERS (the classic game also called draughts) and WINGSPAN (an engine-building game by Stonemaier Games).


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