This puzzle belongs to the puzzle series: A-Countries-Journey.
This is part 2.

You've been found by the LNU, whoever he is.

He gives you what looks like a standardized test, along with instructions:

This paper is worthless. The LNU is the answer. BEHOLD:

COVID-19 recovery: youth taking action for a sustainable future

Yemen: New Houthi commitment 'encouraging step' to protecting children

Embracing beekeeping in the Gambia's dryland forests


Look upon all I have done. I am a necessity, yet thee think I am worthless. BEHOLD MY POWER!

Wow, he seems busy. Maybe best not to disturb him until you have his name.

An intercom comes on, and the LNU gives a final warning: "my favorite color is blue, and be good, child, alright?"

Fine. You'll be better.

Who is the LNU?

PS: The answer to the last question in the series was:

France masquerading as Illyria, the country in a Shakespearean play.

PSS: Outside links ARE VERY IMPORTANT to this puzzle series in general.


Illyria comes up to you. "Quoi? This was supposed to be the easiest parte de your testing! No matter, maybe OTAN might help toi. America has SOME logique..."


Illyria, AKA France, is one of the few to call him NU or LNU.


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The LNU might just be

The United Nations (Les Nations Unies, even though in French it is called ONU, standing for Organisation des Nations Unies)

How to get there:

The paper describes three situations, found by @Rand to be actions undertaken by the United Nations. A lot of people seem to think that the UN doesn't do much (especially given the current context)
The UN's logo is blue, which explains the favorite color.
As for the be good child I don't have it quite yet, maybe it's about the UN's actions towards helping children

  • $\begingroup$ Yessir yessir yessir,, "be good child" was just a random undertale reference $\endgroup$ Apr 21 at 13:21

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