Ah, hello. My friend Ola, well, she’s from UNESCO. ‘Ḅout her, there’s one thing you should know:

Her favorite coloŗ, is simply yellow. She also likes lists. There’s not much that works that rhymes with lists…

She’s taken a vacation, To æ large, un-new nation, and went and spent all the time she was there in the same old place, it’s such a shame.

Well, she sent me a letter

Hoping I’d get better

At her pużzles. Here’s one: My work computer has a website on įt. It’s important, becuase it has my favorite things! Łists!

Such fun!

Anyways, I’ve hidden things, easy to spot, that tell you a nation. Go down, all the way, to said station. My favorite color, my favorite country! Ah, landscapes between the mountain and the sea! Well, I guess, that’s enough from me.

Where did Ola go on vacation? AKA, what CITY/MONUMENTS did she visit?

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!


certain characters in the text have weird marks on them. They spell out ḄŗæżįŁ.

The website mentioned

is the UNESCO website which is also mentioned. It features lists, Ola's favorite thing. On the World Heritage List, if you scroll down to Brazil, it has a lot of yellow diamonds in the list. Ola's favorite color. One of them is "Rio de Janeiro: Carioca Landscapes between the Mountain and the Sea" which matches the description in the puzzle.

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Rio de Janeiro!

We know this because

There are unicode letters throughout the puzzle that spell out ḄŗæżįŁ when we put them together, or Brazil in their non-unicode form. Therefore, that is most likely the country where she went.

Now we also know three things:

- She likes the color yellow.

- She is in the "landscapes between the mountain and the sea."


- There is a list on her work computer.

The final solution:

If we go to the Brazilian Convention on the UNESCO (Ola's job) website, then go to the "Properties inscribed on the World Heritage List", one of the yellow markers on the map is "Rio de Janeiro: Carioca Landscapes between the Mountain and the Sea" (emphasis added).

(Sorry, about all the blockquotes. It's difficult to chain together bullet points within them.)

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