A sunshiny riddle:

Bone of stone,
Marrow of wood.
Stands alone,
Never understood.
Forever atone,
Under the hood.
Crime condone,
On sin brood.

What/who is it?


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I'm going to go with:

the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/4f/Christ_the_Redeemer_-Cristo_Redentor.jpg/220px-Christ_the_Redeemer-_Cristo_Redentor.jpg

Bone of stone, marrow of wood.

It's built of soapstone and concrete. Concrete would have required wood formwork.

Stands alone, never understood.

It certainly stands alone on its mountain, and you can stand next to it but not actually under it.

Forever atone, under the hood.

Atonement is a religious reference. The hair on the statue looks like a hood at first glance.

Crime condone, on sin brood.

Crime rates in Rio are very high, and the open arms pose looks like it's welcoming the criminal activity, but it's just a statue so all it can do is brood over it.

And it’s a sunshiny riddle because:

Sunshine is an album by the band RIO

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