Each circle represents an (as yet) unknown category.

Each of the six tiles belongs to at least one category.

One tile has been placed. Where do the other tiles go and why?

enter image description here


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Here's a stab at the solution:

ISRAELI, HATCHER, and EEL are in the left oval. HAUNT and REFUGE are in the right oval. DEN and LAIR are in the overlapping section.

This is because:

DEN, LAIR, HAUNT, and REFUGE are all synonyms referring to a place you can stay / hang out (or perhaps more aptly, they are a place you can go or be taken to - "Where have the leaders gone?" "Take me to your leader").

And DEN, LAIR, ISRAELI, HATCHER, and EEL can all be turned into the name of a British Prime Minister by prepending a letter to the word: Anthony EDEN, Tony BLAIR, Benjamin DISRAELI, Margaret THATCHER, and Robert PEEL. Here "leader" hints both to the government position and the leading letter of the name.

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This is probably not the desired solution as it is not exactly wordplay nor it applies the title, but is a solution nonetheless:



Right oval: LAIR HAUNT


The left oval contains words containing the letter E, the right one the letter A.


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